Monday, November 23, 2009

More Nairn bloggers - Nairn Academy at Murrayfield

The PE department at the Academy have a blog to keep parents up to date with the sporting curriculum and other activities. They have posted an article about the pupils that were down at Murrayfield to witness Scotland's victory on Saturday.  An article complete with pictures over on their blog.
A few of the teachers at the Academy have blogs too, you'll find the on the blogroll on that page.

Other blogging maters: does anyone know what has happened to the Liberal Democrats Nairn by-pass blog. It seems to have been down for quite a while. If it has vanished then there is a specialist subject for someone to take up. Nairn matters has had some good content posted earlier in the year but seems to be in hibernation.  Have you got a Nairn blog that hasn't featured on the Gurnosphere yet? Let us know if we've missed anything. You might also be considering taking up blogging, if you are let us know what you are thinking of. If you have any questions the existing Nairn bloggers will only be too willing to help, even the sometimes grumpy ones :-)

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Oh, I just noticed I'm linked to on the sidebar! :O Thank you.