Friday, November 27, 2009

Excitement builds in Nairn today

The scene is set for the Christmas/Winter lights switch on. What should they be called? You decide! See opinion poll to your right.
UPDATE: the text of Coisir Ghàidhlig Inbhir Narann's letter to the Nairnshire on this matter now available on line.


Anonymous said...

It's political correctness gone mad. Have heard that even in Santa's grotto there is no sitting on Santa's lap allowed. Have all the Christmas traditions to be wiped out so that we don't offend anyone?

Anonymous said...

Down with the winter festival - Bring back Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

Why does Nairn not have its own Chrimas Festival,without the do gooders.?
Come On Nairn go for it.

Coned Off said...

More cones than there are people.Says
it all really.