Monday, November 23, 2009

Telegraph review - Sensational as usual - plus Nairn Gaelic Choir criticises the Wintersong Festival for a lack of Christmas content

The Local paper splashes with 'Sandown Showdown', next year's forthcoming public inquiry promises to be a feisty affair if the pre-inquiry meeting was anything to go by. We won't spoil your fun, go and buy the Nairnshire for further details. Inside there is news of how bus passengers were kept in the dark over timetable changes, the River CC election, an article on the by-pass (as discussed at West CC). There's much, much more, including pictures from the 'Celebrating the Community event held at the Community Centre on Saturday. Perhaps the most controversial item in the paper this week is a letter from the Nairn Gaelic Choir however.  All guns blazing the Gaelic choir are criticising this Friday's festival. Here's just a flavour of a long letter that speaks out about this event and political correctness concerning Christmas in general:

'...As a choir we have always made every effort to support the community which so generously gives its support to us in our endeavours to promote Gaelic music

But we feel we cannot let this occasion pass without expressing our views at the abscence of any reference to Christmas.

Wintersong is essentially a seasonal festival built on the back of the switching on of Nairn's Christmas lights. But the word Christmas seems to have been eliminated from the celebrations. 

Whether this is an attempt by the funding bodies Highland Council, Leadar Fund and the Scottish Arts Council to appease the PC brigade we know not.... '

Have a read of the full letter tomorrow Gurnites and let us know what you think. Is Winterfest simply a jamboree for the politically correct brigade and should it be more Christmas-like or is it just fine as it is?


Anonymous said...

I call it Christmas celebration and I have had enough of PC thinking.

Anonymous said...

Christmas is now a festival of greed and over indulgence. Where is Christianity in Christmas now?

Graisg said...

This in via e-mail by a Gurnite who wishes anonymity:

'the Gaelic choir are reflecting the views of many in the community.'

Anonymous said...

I'm curious - is the Wintersong being billed differently to the Nairnia spectacles we've had over a couple of years?

- Brian

Iain said...

Well said, Gaelic Choir. Whatever your personal belief there is something magical about Christmas and it ought to be celebrated. It is quite misguided to suggest that the word is an offence to those of other faiths or none. They expect us to celebrate our culture as they do.

However, names get changed for other than PC reasons. You can't get funding for Christmas lights every year. But if you call them Winter lights you'll be more likely get the money. Perverse but true.

By all means have a Wintersong Festival but if you leave out Christmas then many will wonder if there is any point to it. A good many people want to celebrate Christmas.

Speaking of celebrations and commercialism were you aware that without Cadbury's, Nestle and others we might not have had a Christmas Story? Check out this link -

Graisg said...

Maybe Iain's comment goes some way to explaining the name change Brian?
I have to agree with anon here and question what Christmas means anyway? Is religion really a part of it anymore? It looks more and more like a debtfest every year?
Perhaps there is a bigger battle to be fought for the soul of Christmas?