Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Saving Clachnacuddin FC - wise for Dave Stewart MSP to start an on-line petition?

Clachnacuddin footbal club are in dire straits and now in administration as money and time finally run out. Hopefully the fans and Inverness's business community will rally round to save Inverness's Highland League side. An unseemly row has broken out between the club and Highland Council over circumstances that forced the club into administration
David Stewart MSP (and former MP) has intervened and started an on-line petition. Perhaps not a wise thing to do because so far several of those signing the petition seem to be doing so simply to take the opportunity to make critical statements about Mr Stewart MSP. The petition is here.
Politicians can make a big enough mess of politics, perhaps they should stay out of sport and just leave the ordinary Invernessians and those elsewhere that are sympathetic to Clach's plight to sort this out.

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Anonymous said...

Agh! Mr Stewart,another Great Pretender,me thinks.