Sunday, July 01, 2012

Advertise with Highland Council

From the Highland Council site:
"During the budget consultation exercise in 2010 feedback showed that the Council should look to generate more income from advertising and sponsorship. At the Resources Committee in October 2011 it was agreed that a co-ordinated approach would be taken to advertising and sponsorship across suitable Council assets. It was also agreed that this would include tendering for an external partner to work with the Council to assist in maximising the benefit from our assets. That tender process resulted in the Scottish Provincial Press (SPP) being awarded the contract with New Century Publishing Group a subsidiary of SPP handling this, their Highland wide presence and ability to deliver at a local level being key elements in them making a successful bid. The Income from advertising and sponsorship forms part of the budget for 12/13 and is key in terms of the Council in generating income from new areas to support budget pressures."

Will final demands for Council Tax soon come with details of special offers at the local supermarket? More on the Highland Council site.


Anonymous said...

School dinners sponsored by Iceland and brought to you by the great taste of Coke.

Graisg said...

This pothole sponsered by .....