Thursday, July 12, 2012

Charity Challenge Avenue for Nairn Games

Cllr Michael Green is organising a Charity Challenge Avenue for Nairn Highland Games on the 18th of August. Michael has taken over  running and organisation of the commercial area of the Links during the Nairn and is inviting associations and charities to paticipate in the event. In an e-mail going the rounds Michael states:
"By working in partnership with local businesses, whereby they will donate up to 50% of their profits from the event, I am able to offer free space to Charities and Voluntary associations. However, in return for this largesse, the charity/association must, in addition to their traditional activities, come up with a novel and entertaining method of fund- raising and thus help in order to create the Nairn Games’ Charity Challenge Avenue’.

He then goes on to give some examples of what this entails:
1. The Games Hammer - Using a 12 inch nail , contestant will be asked to hammer the nail, against the clock ,into a large tree stump. The best times would be entered onto a scoreboard and regular updates sent to the Games announcer. The winner would be announced over the Games loudspeakers at the end of the day and awarded the ‘Games Hammer’ trophy. (I saw this in operation at Applecross Games last year and it was incredibly lucrative. (CAB)

2. The Human Fruit Machine - Three people, dressed up in a costume sympathetic to their charity e.g bees for the Beekeepers, blindfolded and given a bag of various fruits. To play the human fruit machine , a contestant is to donate £1 and each character takes out one piece of fruit.
If the three ‘bees’ take out the same fruit e.g three apples, then the contestant wins a prize e.g a jar of honey.( This was seen at an English County .
Fair and the queues to participate were massive. (Crossroads)

3. Name the Games Bear - Costco sell massive life size bears and contestants would be encouraged to purchase the name of their choice from an available list of names. At the end of the day a name would be drawn and the Games Bear would be awarded to the name holder.( Sheena Baker has offered to purchase the bear and donate it to RAFA, who will be operating the stall.(RAFA)

If you are a charity or organisation and would like to get involved in what looks like a very exciting project why not contact Michael Green.

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Anonymous said...

Here's hoping Michael will get substantial support for this initiative. The common good fund will benefit as will all the charities concerned. All sounds good to me with a fair whack of organising required.

Hopefully Nairnites and charities in the town will rise to the challenge and it will be very successful making the whole games experience more memorable