Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Give us grounds to grow! ... Hard times call for some smart thinking..."

" Hard times call for some smart thinking, and my view is that it¹s well time for a new Dig for Victory Campaign. All round Scotland there¹s no shortage of unused land which the public own already. There are also plenty of people who are desperate to get hold of land to grow their own healthy, delicious food. In these difficult economic times it makes very little sense to have unused land sitting idle, while people who¹d love to use it for  productive food growing can¹t."  

Read more of John's thoughts over on the Nairn Allotment Society site. John will be the society's guest speaker at a meeting in November. 


land grab said...

It's a nice sentiment, but look at the hassle involved in getting Highland Council to release some of the Common Good land at Sandown for more allotments. Not as though they're giving it away, it's just on a lease, and is an area of land which we the community own.

The success of allotments in Nairn is huge.
Would it be too much to ask for Highland Council to be proactive and release more Sandown land for allotments? There's still a waiting list for plots and surely this would cost very little and be a positive use of vacant land.

The potential is great and is under the nose of Highland Council. I wonder if any of our councillors would push forward the idea?

Graisg said...

The way this observer saw the outcome of the charrette Sandown would be developed in 5,10,15 and 20 plus stretches. In the meantime that gives the council room for 5,10, 15 and twenty year leases for anyone that would like to grow food.