Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Grass cutting problem in Lochloy - residents have to "take responsibility"

As a result of a letter received by David Ramsay complaining about the state of the grass inbetween Sutors view and Sutors Park up in the Lochloy schemes River CC agreed to let their Cllr Simon Noble co-ordinate information from residents and generally investigate grass cutting issues in that area. Liz was also at the River CC meeting and she said:

“They really have to get together and take responsibility because a lot of them have got it in their title deeds to pay for the open grass cutting spaces and if they did that and took responsibility they could probably, they could put in more and make it really fantastic or they could put in less and have just the basic. They would have the option of what environment they wanted to live in.”

The Gurn would suggest that the areas pictures below could be divided up into allotments for anyone in the Lochloy area that would like to grow some fruit or veg, or maybe even a community orchard if residents were looking for something to do with the land. Otherwise, whilst not actually being many people’s idea of the ideal suburban scene, it actually doesn’t look too bad as a wildlife resource to this observer.