Friday, July 27, 2012

Round 2 for bus station garage application?

The Gurn has been forwarded a copy of an e-mail going the rounds in an effort to muster objections to the new planning application for the bus station garage site. Essentially it appears to be almost the same plan but with four more flats on the ground floor rather than a shop, there is however a drop in the height of the proposed building as a tier of flats obviously needs less height than a shop. The previous plan was passed but not without controversy and a border incident between River and West CCs that could have done with UN mediation at the time. This controversial argument  added to the problems the community faces by not having a single unitary Community Council for the town to speak with one voice. 

The e-mail (from a prominent member of West CC) states: "The application will only come forward to Committee and be discussed publicly if a statutory consultee (an agency like Scottish Water, or the relevant Community Council - which in this case is Nairn River) objects - and there is no sign that any of these will do so; or if there are at least 5 objections from members of the local community."

Here's a further quote from that e-mail: " I (and indeed my colleagues on Nairn West CC) continue to believe that this proposed redevelopment is the wrong kind of building, in the wrong place. We would like to see something suitable built on the bus garage site. But we do not think this is a sensible place to put a block of affordable housing, and we fear that this will not help to regenerate the town centre nor enhance the appeal of the immediate area (which includes Viewfield) for local people or visitors. The latest proposal is in our view worse than the earlier one. Removal of the shop from the plans takes away the one element which might have contributed to a wider range of facilities and services within the town centre. "

Last time round the Westies were strongly against with River in favour. Will there be any change in River CC's stance this time round? The application was very controversial with opinion split across the town. The shop was viewed favourably by many who want to see more competition in Nairn, now that it is no longer a part of the application it remains to be seen if that influences the usual suspects too.

If you have any strong feelings either way about this latest application for the bus station garage site you can see the latest plans here and click on comments then the "make a comment" tab to add your thoughts for the benefit of planners and councillors in their deliberations. 


Anonymous said...

So, what ideas have the West Community Council got for this area? What do they deem suitable? Has their argument that the current, proposed development is not in keeping with the area already been lost, given the close proximity and varying designs of the Fire Station, the Pizza/Chip Shop/Cafe, the new Police station and Community Centre buildings?
One last question, whatever happened to NICE?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Gurn. I wondered about the deadline for comments.

According to the web page above the application was received on 17 July 2012. Was it advertised in this week's Nairnshire and if it was how long does it give for interested parties to get their comments in?

I have concerns re parking - there are now 16 spaces required at least going by the reasoning presented at the consideration of the last application on this site (if I recall correctly; I will have to seek our the archived webcast.)

Then there is the issue of amenity for the potential residents themselves, the question of proximity to the trunk road (and a well used junction onto it). I also vaguely recall an issue related to public transport and the location of a bus stop?

There does not seem to be any exterior drying space for clothes.

Council tenant said...

To Anon 2.17pm, with regards to proximity to roads and junctions etc, have a look at where some of the recent social/affordable housing has been, Maggot flats, Asher Court and previously Royal Walk and Colin Young Place. Bet you they wouldn't build private houses there.

Anonymous said...

just get the eyesore taken down,then decide what,s going in its place,this debachule has been going on for far too long

growtosow said...

just get the eyesore taken down,then decide what,s going in its place,this debachule has been going on for far too long. well said narook. 3.45pm have been saying this all along how many more years do we have to look at this mess or indeed put up with it

Anonymous said...

hey,,,its next to the fire station,,couldnt they use it as an excercise,and burn the damn thing down,get a few roast gulls into the bargain,

bystander said...

Well said Gurn - this shows, once again, that Nairn needs a unified Community (or Burgh) Council that can represent all the people of Nairn rather than just the views of separate groups or factions.

NICE looked as if it might be able to do this: it would be good to see that organisation build a consensus on what kind of redevelopment the town needs.