Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Gutter Gardening

Our gutter press reporter Vix Sinex has been reading the rhones again: 

WELL DONE Donaldson and Henderson. What a difference a quick clean out makes AND the fabric of the building is not being torn apart by the root systems. Picture 3 shows serious potential damage and damp penetration near the window on the right to another High Street building. No's 4-7 are buildings that are part of Nairn's heritage which have been carefully maintained by....you've guessed it, The Council. The Sedum in the gutters of 4 &5 is not exactly a fast growing weed. This is years of neglect. 
Well councillors, your comments  please. You are the elected custodians of Nairn.

Vix Sinex


still raining, still dreaming said...

After the hanging baskets in the High St got knocked back due to cost I've been enjoying the free alternatives. Not quite as colourful, but need less watering.

Anyone got any tips as to how you start of one of these rooftop gardens?

Perhaps Nairn Allotment Society would be interested in taking over a few gutters, I hear there's a waiting list for plots, I'm sure they could make them look bonnie

Al Catraz the Birdman said...

Can I suggest that Vix Sinex turns his beady eye to Barron House too, another building for which the Council is responsible?

Over there the Council seems to believe that a lot of manure is an integral part of their "green" approach to gardening on public buildings. Every ledge, windowsill and gutter is full of pigeon-poo and seagull-shite.

Is this what they call setting an example of civic responsibility?

Local person said...

According to the Highland Council web site under "Councillor's Register of interests" the following Councillors own properties on the High St.

Michael Green;
8 High Street

Laurie Fraser;
1b High Street
39 High Street
39b High Street
41 High Street

Both also own various other properties and land around Nairn

Maybe they need to look at themselves??

P.S. link


Graisg said...

@ Al Catraz, this observer is quite sure that the Council only had that building on a lease so not their responsibility.

Graisg said...

@ VM re Games day and alcoholic beverages "if my information is correct" you say. It would have to be to be published here. Could you contact the Gurn via e-mail please with more details?

Anonymous said...

As for Barron House - Council doesn't lease it anymore.
However I do agree that hanging baskets are a lot better looking than gutter gardens!