Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New website for Lochloy residents

There's a new site on the block for residents of  the Sutors development, Osprey Crescent,  Spires Crescent, Sutors Park, Fisher Heights (Old Bar), Meadowlea. It's a bit of a blank canvas at the moment. The site states: "Our aim is to provide a forum where you can exchange information, ideas and opinions on what's happening in our part of Nairn. We hope to be able to involve the developers and factors so our community gets the best services and support. Everyone is welcome to contribute, whether homeowner, landlord or tenant."  You can find out more on the site here.  If you live in those areas and have any issues why not contact the e-mail address on the page and see what happens.

There was plenty of discussion at River CC tonight about the various grass cutting arangements in those schemes mentioned above. When time permits we'll get round to reporting on that and perhaps head up for some pictures of the bitties that aren't getting cut just now. A very complicated picture it seems and Cllr Simon Nobe of RiverCC is co-ordinating all the information from residents. Liz has been speaking to the planners too about what can be done.