Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Co-op bank coming to Nairn High Street

Gurn reader Jim O'Brien tells us:

Today's news of the mandatory sale of 600 Lloyds TSB branches to comply with Europan competition rules has been expected. Surprise is that the buyer is to be the Co-op Bank, and that the transferred branches will trade as the TSB in future.

Among the branches affected will be those at Nairn and Forres. A full list will be found here.

This is good news, I feel. The Co-op have a belief in ethical trading - good - but have a weakness in co-ordinated banking systems. Computers used by the Co-op Bank, Smile (internet systems) and the Brittania systems simply don't work together. However the TSB branch systems will use the Lloyds software, so maybe the integration of the others might follow.

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Complete and utter banker said...

Just got to find someone to buy the other banks in the High St in which we the public were reluctant investors and we'll all be quids in