Friday, July 13, 2012

Milk worries

Local dairy farmer Steve Innes features in the Inverness Courier today. He is quoted as saying that if dairies go ahead with a further cut in the price they pay farmers for milk then: “If it goes ahead we would have to reconsider everything completely.”
Steve was down in London recently for a meeting with 1500 dairy farmers from across the UK and he wasn’t impressed with the agriculture minister.
There could be militant action from some farmers in the near future with perhaps blockades and other protests being considered. The future looks bleak for dairy farmers with every litre of milk being produced at a loss. More in today’s Inverness Courier.

Earlier this year it was reported that milkproduction was to cease in Nairn. Now milk goes down the road to Bridge of Allan to then comes back up the way to be sold locally. It all seems a bit bizarre in these days when we are supposed to be thinking globally and acting locally but in sheer economic terms it must make sense to the company concerned.

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