Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday miscellany

The unsettled weather continues as we swing back from Saturday’s sunshine to a breezy day cloudy day that threatens a downpour. However, at last we were finally treated to a decent sunset on Friday night. 

The new town centre landscape is now on view, this image taken from outside the new community centre looking across the remains of the old. Once the final bits of wall come tumbling down and the area is tidied up and turned into a car park (hopefully not a temporary one) the centre of Nairn will look a lot more attractive to passing motorists. As we are on a roll with demolition how about trashing this former church too and of course the Regal? Another application to the Scottish Government’s town centre demolition fund from the local authority perhaps?

There are those who would like to have bus stops installed on either side of the A96 in the town centre rather than see dozens of bus movements, like this one, every day across a very busy road in-between a very complicated set of junctions. One of our readers recently told the Gurn that they quite liked the present set up however as passengers could alight in a safe area and there was room for those times when two buses going in the same direction caught up with each other in the town centre.  

Here on the Gurn Hazel's seagull gurn still continues to attract comment for and against Salty and his friends.

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