Friday, July 13, 2012

Breaking news - Links school disposal decision deferral

Liz tells the Gurn that the decision on how to dispose of the Links School will not now be taken next month but has been put back to October 3rd. Liz said, "this was to give interested parties an opportunity to make a business case and work out their plans for the Links School."

Nice work from Liz and this will be good news for River CC members who were calling for such a deferral on Tuesday night.  Previous Gurn article here. 


Anonymous said...

knock it doon,fishertoon needs a car park,its badly needed

Anonymous said...

Judging from your language you are neither a native of The Fishertown nor of Nairn itself.The Fishertown certainly does not need a carpark, what it needs is for one of it's former schools to be preserved and utilised to it's full potential and for clowns like you to hold their tongues!

Anonymous said...

I agree, knock it down and build something new. Why are people so opposed to change and want to 'preserve' things ? Move and and embrace change old timer !

Graisg said...

@ anon, why are you so certain that the other anon is an oldtimer?

Anonymous said...

with respect to anonymous no language is nairn,i was born/bred/brought up in, 59,and not an inconmer,ans think that im entitled to say what i think.i said fishertoon needs a car park,and a good way to provide it,is to flatten old school,and make a car par for local residents.
so,(mouthpiece)no.1.go with the times.dont hold on to what was,go with,what needs,and anonymous 2,thanks for agreeing with me
in nairn,(local 59 year old)

one car short of a... said...

Why stop at a car park for the Fishertown anon? How about a supermarket or turning the Links into our very own airport

You may be 59 but you're still a loon, car parking indeed

Anonymous said...

(mouthpiece)anonymous no.1, isn't that the person who said knock it down? i'm getting confused.p.s. i say leave it alone as well and i'm 38, not quite an old timer i hope lol.

schools oot said...

Och, unless he's past oot I'm sure the brave knock it doon mannie will have had a dram or two and will be back behind his keyboard ony minute noo

Anonymous said...

I went to the links school when I was a bairn, now that was a long time ago!

It was "done" then and it's done now. If a facilty is still required there, then put a buisness case forward and build a new one, one that is easy to maintain & cost effective to run.

I'm all out of sympathy for old buildings that are not cost effective and have little historic value.

Oh! and I was born in Nairn Town & County hospital (aye look what's happened to it!!), lived in the "fishertoon" went to links school & have the school photo's to book.

I see little potential for the building now, it's been on a downward spiral for decades.