Thursday, July 12, 2012

Scottish online local media innovation

The buzzword is “hyperlocal” and interestingly out of 165 entries to a competition, three of the ten winners of cash awards to “innovate in the hyperlocal space using mobile technologies” are based in Scotland.
Increasing numbers of citizens are using mobiles to access the web. More and more Gurn visitors are arriving through mobile (around 12% at present) and that seems to be a trend that will continue to go upwards. The growing use of mobiles and tablets will continue to impact on our daily lives.

This observer would recommend that any readers with an interest of how mobile technologies can possibly aid local businesses in defined hyperlocal areas, view the following short videos: Local Edge from Leith and Broughton, Scotland; URTV, Community Television is here; Our town - A fresh approach to hyperlocal. It will be interesting to see how the three projects progress and whether they eventually roll out mobile apps, such as local loyalty cards that could work in smaller communities such as Nairn. 

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