Friday, July 20, 2012

Nairnshire needs its own flag! Gurn photoshop suggestion.

On June 12  a  letter appeared in the Nairnshire Telegraph from Rupert Furze bemoaning the fact the Nairn Yacht in the Royal Jubilee flotilla had no county flag to fly unlike the Moray gig and had to make do with Nairn Sailing club's flag. 
Rupert said in his letter: "If we are proud to live in Nairnshire, we should all be asking ourselves what we can do to help the county retain its identity in the face of central and local government bureaucracy and collectivism."

Rupert is spot on, time for a Nairnshire flag. Here's the Gurn's suggestion. Can any gurnites come up with other designs?

Update: This in from Jingle Bangles who is obviously a Gull/Gow fan too. Would have looked fine from the mast of Nairn's Royal Yacht. JB recommends we all read "THE TIES THAT BIND" By Willuc The Gow.


Anonymous said...

Michty me, have you nothing better to do with your time?

Anonymous said...

How about a black background with 7traffic lights in a square in the middle,with an outer ring of nearly touching vehicles? A suitable moto such as " bypass ? - in your dreams" could be included. - in Latin if preferred.

Anonymous said...

lol i,m an avid feeder of the nairn gows,they have a right to live,and i,ll continue to feed these beautiful birds
long live the gows.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 9;29 it's fool's like you who are encouraging the gull's ! STOP FEEDING THEM !