Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Temporary closure of the Merryton Bridge

Tommy Hogg has been contacted by Scottish Water to inform him that the Merryton Bridge will be closed from 07.00 am  until approx 12.00 noon  tomorrow (Thurs, 5th July).  This is for essential maintenance and inspection.


simply said...

That's a long time for a certain person to stand there to make sure there are no wee drips from the pipe hitting the water birds!

well kent face said...

NOW we know why it's called the sewerage bridge.

Councillors leave well alone. Merryton Bridge. Not much merry about it!

Anonymous said...

Well, it has always been called the sewerage bride for a reason.

Change the name, change the function!

Tally hoe said...

Does the closure include jobbies? If so better go tonight

Anonymous said...

Sewage bridge is right. It is designed to get a sewer cross the river firstly, access second.

At least the sewer is being checked out, and thus matter ended.

Anonymous said...

Happy to say even though I went down there with my wellies at 4:30PM today, everything looked dry and no spills. The footpath with the bad drainage which causes puddles has been cleaned. The grass next to it is no longer brown and dead looking.

Took pics, of nice clear footpaths.

And that's with that heavy rain and thunder showers this afternoon.