Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Old Community Centre - Wednesday wrecking - main "body of the Kirk" coming down

Individual images here - full screen slideshow here.


Recycler said...

Typical Highland Council!!!!

They give up lots of bins and have a go at us to recycle/reuse/pass on...........and do they???? NO!!!

Those projector lights for the stage in the pics could have been given to an am-dram group or even flogged on ebay........

And as for the slates on the roof!!!! These are worth quite a bit as even Spanish imported "heavy" 10inch wide size cost £1 per slate!!

What else in there is getting trashed??

Highland Council moto "Do as I say...NOT as I do"

I'm no surveyer said...

The building looks pretty sturdy to me.

Anonymous said...


What a load of tosh, and the usual nonsensical lack of commercial reality that seems to get posted here.

The contract would have been tendered, and subsequently awarded to Morrisons to demoish the building and restore the site in line with environmental laws.

It would be up to the contractor to recycle/resell these things in order to reduce their costs, and increase their profits. Now if they deemed it economically viable to sell the lights and the slates they would no doubt have done it.

However, to send someone up there to get these slates would involve scaffolding, labour, overheads and then associated storage and selling costs etc.... This would undoubtedly cost more than their potential resale value. Hence they are scrapped.

Lesson endeth......

HC are not green said...

As Highland Council is directed by central government to meet recycling targets I'm amazed that the tendering for demolition didn't include fully recycling all materials. I can only guess that such work isn't covered by recycling legislation and therefore HC felt no obligation to meet any directive. It is however a very poor example for HC to give to those of us who do take the time and trouble to carefully recycle.

Maybe it wasn't commercially viable for the company who are doing the work to try and recycle the materials from the building other than the metal, but trying to be economic with our planet when it comes to resources should be a priority and it would seem that HC are very amiss with this matter, and you have to ask does anyone at HC actually really care?

Lesson in looking after our planet not endeth, but ongoing

growtosow said...

were are the wombles when you want them they would sort this mess out. they could have used the wood perhaps given it too bob the builder he could have done something with it.

Anonymous said...

a sad day to see indeed. I had many wonderful hours there at playgroup as a pre-school, as well as parties and all sorts.

I feel not just the building is being ripped apart, but part of my childhood memories has been ripped apart.

Sad, sad indeed for me personally.

Barney Rubble said...

Through the courtesy of The Gurn who I know has influence in the Town & always has its finger on the pulse not while out snapping the progress of the demolition work have a little word in the crane drivers ear [if you wish in Gaelic]& tell him his old mate Barney from Bedrock is willing to give him a large bung if when finished work on The Old Centre turn left & head up to the Regal Building & start to demolish this eyesore as well, Me & Fred were bitterly disappointed with the state of Nairn while over for The Curtis Cup {well done to The Limeys} & for the fantastic hospitality from the locals but felt the town in some parts was looking dowdy, my rich old Uncle who was a multi billionaire sadly passed away & left me a very generous sum & it would be no problem to give the crane driver a generous backhander to complete the work as it would be a nice surprise for Fred & Wilma who are coming over the pond next year to stay in Nairn for a few days while touring Bonnie Scotland on their second honeymoon, I eagerly wait the response as I daily look at The Gurn while having a coffee & brontosaurus sandwich, Missing you already & have a nice day.

Recycler said...

@ Anonymous 4:49

I fully understand the "commercial costs" of recycling....and "commercial reallity"

It is the commercial profit/greed culture that has/is wrecking the planet.

We are all being told by the Councils to waste our private time/money to wash out our baked bean tins, glass jars, plastic bottles.....and to sort out our household waste to be GREEN for the planet!!

If we don't and just dump it all in the green bin..or worse still put non recyclables in the Blue & Brown bins they can fine us!

This demolition as mentioned by "HC are not green" would at the tender/contract stage have been up to HC to meet their targets to recycle as much of the materials! And by not spending on recycling the materials they have opted for the cheapest contract.

This just proves that HC have double standards, and DO NOT lead by example.

Want to continue the lesson???

P.S. you do not need to erect scaffolding to get the slates. Just get an IRATA trained bloke using a double line rope system.....or get a "cherry picker"!