Sunday, July 08, 2012

How long before the cemetery fills up?

The Nairnshire returned last week to the topic of where the new cemetery will go and how much space is left in the existing Grantown Road site. An interesting article that is worth a read if you haven't seen it already. We would like to contrast the opinion of a council official quoted in that Nairnshire article with a statement made by Laurie in his election leaflet.

"I wouldn't say there's any danger of running out of space." Debbie Maguire, quoted in the Nairnshire Telegraph July 3rd 2012.

"In the very near future decisions have to be made on the siting of a new cemetery as our existing one only has a year's supply of land left." Laurie Fraser in his election leaflet published in April 2012.

This observer is confused, Laurie thinks there is some urgency but one of the Council officials has a different  view. One wonders if the Highland Council would put our minds at rest and tell us how long they think we have until the cemetery fills up? If Laurie was near the mark with his prediction of a year then that it would mean we have closer to nine months space left now. 

Other questions for our Councillors perhaps,  is the money available for the construction and purchase of a new site and is there a ring-fenced allocation in the budgets?


Old Bones said...

As well as the question of timing, there's also the question of location, since a new cemetery site will take time to prepare before it can be brought into use.

The Council (and our Provost) seem to favour a site along Granny Barbour's Road. But that land is in private ownership. The Counciil will have to negotiate, and pay. Time and money...

What other options is the Council looking at? Why aren't they considering part of Sandown? It's already owned by the community, as Common Good, so use of a part of it as a cemetery would be a public and community benefit, and there would be no problem of purchase-negotiation.

Putting a new cemetery there would keep a part of the Sandown Lands as calm, quiet and green open space, without obstructing the views - which should please neighbouring residents. There would be no access issues, as it is beside the A96 and parking could be provided. Equally it wouldn't generate lots of ratrunning commuter traffic!

Looks like a no-brainer. Once again, the question arises - does the Council have the imagination, and the common sense, to make the sensible decision?

Anonymous said...

I think the council should demmand people stop dying until this mess is properly sorted out!

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to effective forward planning? Surely this matter should have been addressed in the Council's 5 year capital programme. Never mind plenty of space available in Inverness at Kilvean Cemetery until the officials and councillors get this one sorted!

growtosow said...

so who are we too belive on this is it a case of one hand does not know what the other is doing, does not reflect well with the HC.

Graisg said...

No idea why Sandown isn't in the picture for the new Cemetery. Did anyone hear that idea mentioned at the charrette organised by Sandy in the Courthouse?

Maybe the authorities feel that it should be close to the old cemetery, maybe the old chapel of rest building will still be used and then you have to go to the new site?

Presumably the Highland Council, if they were to buy Sandown as a cemetery would have, as trustees of the Common Good, to ensure that the Common Good fund obtained a fair market value for the land even though they would be buying it for themselves?

Diggin' Up Bones said...


Does the Council have to buy, or own the land in order to use it as a cemetery?

Surely the land could be "made available" by the Common Good trustees - perhaps for a peppercorn rent, perhaps on an open-ended lease - just as Common Good land is made available on a long term basis to other users (like the Dunbar Golf Club).

Anonymous said...

Sandown gets my vote.

A green and open space at the edge of the Town, that will stay green and open. This would secure such a space in the West if Nairn.

After all the one asset for any town is the amount of green or open spaces there is.

ps River CC, please don't cut down all those lovely trees opposite the Bridgemill flats on the interbank. Certainly tidy the grass and scrub. But please, please leave the trees.

Holding on said...

In answer to your headline question it all depends on how quickly we all become a column inch in the well read BDM section of the Nairnshire Telegraph.

The most popular part of the two minute silence only the only section read by some folk

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone want a cemetery on Sandown, its busy ,its quite noisy, and extremely windy. and any flowers placed on the graves would get blown onto the black isle.
Granny Barbours is is quiet, not busy,and not so windy.
Also if they are not building a new rest room its makes sense to be near the old one.

Anonymous said...

Why don t we use the Dunbar golf course as the new cemetery? Still too windy maybe!