Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bus Station Garage planning application changes?

This observer has been informed by unreliable sources close to West Community Council insiders that there is a new/amended planning application in for the bus station garage. Word on the street is that there is to be no shoppie now and sixteen flats instead of twelve. If this rumour is confirmed then it will be interesting to see the public reaction. The application was very controversial and for some of those that backed it the inclusion of another retail premises in the town centre area would have been a factor in their decision. 

We await with interest to see if the rumours are true and if knowledge of such a change has indeed been received by Nairn’s Community Councils. If so, then no doubt such information will appear in the Nairnshire Telegraph tomorrow night by the usual tried and tested route. 
This observer wonders if such an amended application, were it ever to happen, would be dealt with by officials under delegated powers or have to go through the entire process of receiving public comment again.