Tuesday, July 03, 2012

It's summer, so let's dig up the road!

There was traffic chaos once again today with tailbacks on the A96 through Nairn and gridlock at the junctions coming onto it.  It seems Bear Scotland are digging up the road and temporary, unphased traffic lights are in operation.  Thanks to Dave Shillabeer for the photo.


Visit Scotland said...

Free for all for anyone turning out of Leopold St onto the A96. Traffic lights switched off and no human traffic control, I'm surprised there wasn't an accident or at least loss of tempers with folk ignoring the yellow grid boxes on the A96. Being going on all day as well. I don't know how Bear get away with it, traffic queuing all along the High St several times. Welcome to Nairn tourists rain, cold, and gridlock

Anonymous said...

Came in to shop original plans scuppered because of traffic lights and the free for all.

Anonymous said...

What are they up to now?
Not much common sense or curtesy in a large number of the motorists, blocking junctions, yellow boxes, think we should all buy bikes!

Anonymous said...

typical idiots,,,lets not knock down community centre during golf weeks,but hey,,,,lets gig up the road and let them all see the eyesores thats supposed to be down by now,i.e. bus station and centre
a kid of 5 could plan things better