Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lorries parking on pavements "It's got to stop"

Members of River CC on Tuesday night, at their regular meeting in the Community Centre, complained to the police rep present about heavy lorries parking on the pavements in Nairn High Street. "It's got to stop!" said Cllr Ian Gordon.


wasnae me said...

Maybe if folk stop using 'loading bays' for parking their cars it wouldn't be such a problem. Just take a look next time you're up the street at all the cars parked in them (illegally), no wonder lorries are forced to park in such a way.

There is no doubt that parking is becoming difficult for all drivers and unless folk can be sensible about it the only solution is going to be paid for spaces

Anonymous said...

Exactly this.

I saw the incident in the picture involving the dutch lorry. And it was indeed unable to park correctly because some jam roll had decided to park in the loading bay.

Anonymous said...

I agree it has to stop. But there are a lot of businesses on the High St and only one loading bay in front of the Co-op. The only way to stop the idiots parking in the loading bay is to employ a full time warden, but even with that in place what about deliveries to the lower part of the High St and the Brae ? Another loading bay is required down that end.

Anonymous said...

oh well,we knew it would happen when the numptys in the council decided to widen the pavements and decrease parking areas,a shower of useless bampots.

tow away said...

Some motorists just have a see what I can get away with attitude, and will park anywhere, double yellows, on the pavement, disabled bays outside the co-op especially if its raining, the list goes on. No surprise that they see the loading bay on the High street as fair game as well.

And then they complain when they get a ticket. I reckon we should privatise it and bring in a clamping company

D.Ross said...

Ever since I first got my shop 13yrs ago there have problems with people abusing the loading bays. This leaves the pavements as the only place to park the delivery trucks! Also River CC shouldn't bleat about it now, they should have supported what ALL the shops wanted on the Brae which was the plans/petition drawn up by myself back in 2008! (Just read the Nairnshire from March & April 2008) If they had supported us then we could have got a better solution on the Brae and then a better solution done for the rest of the High St! I think overall the High St lost 1 loading bay and 3 parking spaces on the Brae, with a further six parking spaces and another loading area on the main street!!!......WELL DONE HIGHLAND COUNCIL!!!

park life said...

It would be easy to stop parking on pavements: just put in bollards. But D Ross and others make a couple of important points.

If the "numptys" in the Council had drawn up sensible plans and taken proper account of local views, instead of just pulling a plan for a new pavement-layout off the shelf in a hurry in order to grab some funding before a deadline, then the High Street might have been better as a result. You can't just blame motorists - their behaviour is influenced by the design of the facilities.

And, as D Ross said, River CC might usefully have taken action back in 2008 instead of bleating now.

Nairn needs to learn that lesson: get a proper discussion going now, involving all the local interests, and have a sensible plan drawn up for the whole of the town centre. At the moment the Council, and the town, seems to be looking at each problem (car parking, High Street access, traffic lights, re-use of old buildings, demolition) in isolation. More joined-up thinking needed.