Thursday, January 24, 2013

10A bus from Nairn to Inverness at 5.48 on weekday mornings - does it work fine for you? Information needed.

Jim asks the Gurn: "The first 10A bus from Nairn at 5.48 on weekday mornings comes through from Elgin, and runs via Ardisier and the airport to arrive in Inverness bus station at 6.40 am, according to the timetable.

This seems to be in reasonable time to allow a short walk to the railway station, for the first morning train to Perth and Edinburgh at 6.50 am.

I would be glad to hear if anyone has used this bus to catch the southbound train sucessfully, or if a regular user can tell me that the bus often runs ten minutes late, in which case I expect I'll have to book a taxi for the trip!"

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Graisg said...

Have used this bus a couple of times over the past 2 years Jim and it arrived on time. I was connecting with the 07.55 London train however. Preferring to leave Nairn on that bus having been let down twice in the past by late arrivals of the rail connection. Nothing like watching the Clansman pulling away as the service you are on enters the station! A bit of time to wait at Inverness but a cuppa and a P&J hits the spot. Once, about five years ago before the 05.48 entered the timetable I did go over for an early bus only to see it pull away having arrived five minutes early :-)