Thursday, January 24, 2013

Reversing not recycling - Could we get it together in Nairn to follow this model?

One of our regular readers, a committed environmentalist, who has been following the debate about a possible recycling initiative in Nairn sent us a link to an article on the Co-operative News site (not the shoppie but a world-wide info site for Co-ops in general). You can read the article here. It looks a bit like Moray Waste Busters but a hypermarket perhaps compared to the Forres corner shop? We've embedded the video as it demonstrates what is possible when people get together.

The Gurn understands that River CC will soon be calling a meeting to facilitate the formation of a recycling group in the town. Hopefully enough concerned residents will turn up to get an initiative of some kind underway. Wouldn't it be amazing if we could one day aspire to such a facilty as the one shown in the video? Surely the concept hits all the right start-up funding buttons in this new millennium?

Reverse Garbage from Bespoke Press on Vimeo.

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