Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Cemetery Issue

An article in the Press and Journal states today: "Highland Council is to review their cemetery provision after concerns that the north is running out of burial space."

The paper goes on to state that plans to extend burial grounds at Tain an Portree are at a standstill. No mention of Nairn and a newspaper article doesn't always give you all the facts but we know that Nairn is running out of space. Here's what Laurie said in his election leaflet last year: " In the very near future decisions have to be made on the siting of a new cemetery as our existing one has only about a year's supply of land left."

We don't need a review, we need a new cemetery and the only site in the frame is along at Granny Barbour's road. At the River CC meeting last week, Liz again indicated that and said that it needed to be moved along quickly. Again one has to ask why the machine that is Highland Council have not moved this along quickly during the time of the last regime. The cemetery has not filled up very suddenly - officials must have known this problem was coming along. Let's hope it can indeed be moved along quickly and although this problem originates with a previous administration it is the present crop of Councillors that will be judged by how long it takes to ensure that there is adequate cemetery provision in Nairn.
Here's a flashback to the hustings last April when the lack of future provision was discussed.

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