Saturday, January 12, 2013

Game off - more soccer starvation for the Wee County faithful

View  an image of  frozen Station Park here. Still minus three outside at nearly 10.00 a.m. so the prospects for the Saints derby against Forres Thistle must be bleak too. A day that should have promised a soccer feast with fans being able to get to see most of two games looks pretty bleak. County is off but no word on the Saints fixture at the Showfield yet however. Que sera, sera, here's hoping for a return of mild weather for next week's intriguing encounter up at Brora as County will take on the side that has so many ex-Nairn players. 

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Anonymous said...

Game off! When I played in school we played in all conditions.One game at Rothes we played in a snow storm, £22 of snow.It was so bad our goalkeeper Willie Donaldson played in his duffle coat. The rothes boys did not have football boots ,just hobb nailed boots!