Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Wee County fundraising fans make headlines

County panel beater fundraisers with Director of football Michael Mackintosh (picture, club photographer, Donald Matheson) Bigger picture here.

A fundraising initiative from the terraces at Station Park (originating in the very heart of the famed Asylum Seekers Hill) has received the blessing of the NCFC board and yesterday hit the front page of the Leopold Street Thunderer this week.  The initiative also received a big spread on the inside pages of the Inverness Courier. 

The aim of the fans is to raise up to £60,000 over the next two years to upgrade the stand with new metal panels, install new dugouts and possible rebuild the cowshed - "A cowshed fit for the new millennium," said one fan recently. You can read all about the NCFC Supporters Ground Improvement Fund in the Nairnshire or the Tuesday edition of the Courier this week. Each pound raised will be matched by the Scottish Football Partnership, so for instance, if you were to donate to the Station Park Panel Beater initiative, your £20 (price of a panel to clad the stand) would become £40. 

A whole range of fund-raising activities are already ongoing or ready to be launched. Perhaps you might want a County mouse-mat or a coaster or a phone-sock? A vodka jelly at the Star perhaps? Well done the Star - over £310 raised for the fund so far! You can find out more about the fund raising activities on the "Nairn County - We believe Facebook" page. On Facebook? Ask one of the faithful on the social network to add you to the group.  If your business could help the fund please e-mail and we'll forward your details to the fans fund-raising group.

There will also be a meeting for all fans interested in helping the fund-raising in Uncle Bob's bar on Tuesday the 15th of this month at 19.30. Ideas welcome.

"This club is very much part of the Community. We are hoping everyone will recognise what we are trying to achieve is not good just for Nairn County but good for the town.
The whole economy benefits from a strong football team and we look forward to maintaining the high standards both on and off the field which we promised when the present board took over."   
Peter Mackintosh - quoted in the Inverness Courier, Tuesday January 8th 2013. 

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