Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Essential reading material on Nairn matters - keep up to date with the "Usual Suspects"

We have already featured some material from the large public meeting held by the Nairn Community Councils in the URC hall last week. Last night at the Suburban CC's meeting in the Academy a copy of the minutes of that meeting last week was put into the public domain. 

So more on South Nairn planning issues and other important material too. Someone recently asked the Gurn what Michael Green had been up to since elected. If you read the (very concise) minutes of the meeting you will find out under the title "Nairn Summer Events Programme."  Also town centre stuff, Coastal Defences, A96 Traffic Management  and Nairn Buses. 

It was a meeting attended by nearly 60 people according to the attendance sheet and, to this observer and many others, it was a very constructive event. Read the minutes here. 

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