Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chilly economic winds blow down Nairn High Street again - Blockbusters in Administration

Blockbusters in Administration - could another store vanish from the High Street? More on the BBC site. 
Time to show a video made three years ago in the Nairn store - perhaps it'll be a reminder to future historians of the way things used to be?


Anonymous said...

I am suprised its lasted this long to be honest.. Film's come to dvd much quicker these days, been years since i rented a film..

Hmm now that would make a nice tearoom/gift shop hahaha


Anonymous said...

if blockbusters close,maybe saisburys could open a small satelite store for conveniance
or a foodbank for all the hungry looking buggers out there

Lead balloon said...

IF we wanted to keep the High Street stores open the government could tax online companies on postage and downloads (say £5 per item) and that way the likes of Amazon would have to pay tax, and their the higher prices might allow individual shops to compete again

Jane Harkiss said...

Call me oldschool if you must, but I love browsing and checking out things I would never think to search for on Lovefilm or whatever... PLUS, I have always found the BB staff very helpful, knowledgeable & genuinely enthusiastic. P XX