Tuesday, January 29, 2013

NICE cash if you can get it! - £500 from Suburban and West CCs going their way but none from River

Suburban Community Council tonight decided to give £500 funding to Nairn Improvement Community Enterprise. At their meeting in the Academy tonight, Chair Dick Youngson said: “They asked us for a contribution and along with West, with Rosemary we thought that £500 each out of our funding. That’ll give a thousand and that will also benefit from matched funding of another £1,000.”

Back in December River CC decided unanimously not to give any money to NICE. Details of their decision here.


Graisg said...

Joe, I have decided not to publish your comments re River CC, their lack of a donation to NICE and the worth of their recent riverside project and would suggest you publish them yourself on your own site. What would ensue here would be a re-run of previous exchanges between those kindly disposed to your initiatives and modus operandi and those who feel otherwise. I fear that at some point the debate would become so heated and personal that I would have to shut it down anyway.

MURD said...

I attended the the n as a member of the public when the the decision was made to give money. Which by the way is one third of their remaining budget if my memory is right.
I also said if money can be handed out like this then can I approach the Community Councils for a hand out for the ramp at the bridge?
Please do not misunderstand me NICE do have plans to improve the town but surly the community councils could also make improvements if they have spare cash to give away.

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to know where the CC's are getting the money from? Is it coming out of their Community Council Administration Grant and, if so, is this the correct use of this money?

Anonymous said...

In light of yet another High Street business being up for sale isn't it time NICE had a rethink of their ideas, or indeed had a look at their whole plans for the town centre as at this rate there won't be much in the way of businesses to support.

I fully support the River CC not handing over more cash to NICE.

Spurtle said...

The familiar cries from those who would damn inactivity , then damn anyone who tries to do something.

The River CC/NICE face off seems to be based more around shoulders and chips, rather than any meaningful concerns about plans and projects.

What's the alternative?
Let's spend another 10, 20 or 30 years do sod all??

One thing for sure, if NICE's plan for the old Social Work department do progress, then there should be some serious questions asked of some 'representatives' of the good folks in Nairn & some serious belly button staring and foot shuffling on their behalf..