Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Meanwhile along the road in Forres mixed reports from the High Street

The Forres Gazette splashes today with a report on how shops fared this Christmas. The reports are mixed, it seems any shops selling food did reasonably well but there are downbeat comments too. The word "recession" gets used twice in comments from shopkeepers and Tesco moving out of town having a negative effect too gets a mention. Real fears for the future of Forres High Street then. One wonders if a similar trend of food stores doing well materialised in Nairn too?


shopping trolley said...

I'm pleased that Ramages (Swansons) has survived the supermarkets so far, but I wonder if it's clients are older people from what I have observed, same to a degree with the butchers.

Our bakers seem to see a steady stream of all ages but how much of their custom is selling convenience food - pies, cakes, and sandwiches, rather than plain bread.

I fear that the younger generation is not prepared to walk the length of the High Street for their messages these days when you can get it all in one shop

Bakery worker said...

the bulk of our trade is bread, rolls, pies and sausage rolls....