Friday, January 18, 2013

Oor Graham now on the list of Gurn local politics sites

Oor Graham never really used his twitter account much when he was a councillor. It looks like he has made a new year resolution to use the micro-blogging service more however. We're still seriously underwhelmed but think he might yet have potential, so we've decided to put him in the wee list in the sidebar of local political persons with an active social network presence. You can follow his tweets here. 


purr purr said...

How does Mr Marsden warrant a listing on your local politics site? He's no longer a councillor and as far as I know holds no political office. He's also hoping to move away from this country when he sells his house

My cats a fairly political animal, could I nominate his blog for the Gurn political site? His blog is called 'one is not a mewsed' and he's a radical independence supporter

Graisg said...

Graham is a leading LibDem - in fact he may be the only one left in Nairn so he is a very important political figure.

Anonymous said...

Dear Graisg

I have to agree with 'purr purr' and say that I do not agree with your logic.

If you wanted a Lib Dem who has taken us up the proverbial without a paddle I suggest you should link to the Chief Secretary to the Treasury.

Anonymous said...

Even Graham has tweeted to say he's not political in light of the Gurn's attention.
I would've thought that as he no longer holds any sort of party or public position that he would have been left in peace to enjoy his retirement and toothache cures which he so clearly enjoys?