Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mad train fares

Start Crowther reports on the STV Forres site: "... for Forres to Aberdeen passengers booking in advance would pay an astonishing £29.60 for a return journey, nearly £13 more than the cheapest fare from Nairn where passengers using the same trains are charged £17."

The £17 deal for an advance return from Nairn to Aberrdeen is quite a good deal and a train trip to Aberdeen is about twice as fast as the bus and comparable to a car journey. It is insane that such a fare costs so much more from Forres however. As Stuart reports MSP Richard Lochead is on the case. Let's hope the train company doesn't respond by making Nairn residents pay £29.60 as well.  More on the Forres STV site.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Stuart just cost Nairnites a fare hike, cheers pal

Anonymous said...

Yeah what a banana, thanks

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, nice one, if Nairn fares go up I'll personally send him my bill each week

Anonymous said...

Like the other posts I too think the only outcome that Richard Lochhead MSP will get from First Scotrail will be a 'rebalancing' fare hike for Nairnites. That could be an own goal for the SNP.

The real issue that the Moray MSP should have been raising is equality of fares across the whole of Scotland.

This is especially the case as the SNP government extended the First Scotrail contract and have the power to close the gap between north and south fares.

Message to Richard L - surely being in government means you should be looking at the bigger picture.