Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Essential reading material - reasons why construction of "Nairn South" without a by-pass in place is a really bad idea! Gurn masterclass session.

Another two interesting documents entered the public domain at the Suburban Community Council meeting last night. The Subbies are usually great ones for giving members of the public copies of the latest stuff that is zipping around CC cirlcles. Why not have a read of them? Get yourself up to speed. You too could become an overnight expert on what needs to be done before the construction of hundreds of houses at Nairn South should be allowed to go ahead. 

1) Warm up session - Read the West CC's covering letter to Malcolm MacLeod, Head of Planning at Highland Council. Letter available here. 

2) Masterclass session. Start with the preamble then get a cuppa or a dram and familiarise yourself with the detailed reasoning behind West's detailed comments - views that are echoed by River and Suburban Community Councils too. Here it is.  

Oidhche mhath a chàirdean.

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Anonymous said...

There is always the hint of a promise from developers to make improvements upon their plans. The reality is that this rarely if ever happens but still many planning applications are still given the go ahead. A sort of empty Trojan horse that we all fall for time and time again