Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Graham tweets bus station thoughts


APTSec said...

12/02743/FUL: Upland Developments Ltd Land NE of Fire Station, King Street, Nairn

Report by Area Planning Manager – South

8.4 Material Considerations

Affordable Housing: The key material consideration relating to this development is the provision of 16 affordable flats within a town centre location in Nairn. As
noted in a number of letters of representations, the location of the site and limited facilities does not lend itself to the provision of housing for families with young children or for the elderly or disabled. Therefore if the proposal is to be considered
acceptable it must be demonstrated that there is a strong demand not just for affordable housing in general, but for the specific type of tenure that would be provided by the type of flats proposed within a site which offers limited amenity for residents.

Amenity/ residential use: The flats are not considered to be suitable for families with young children or for the elderly due to lack of amenity space, lift access and location. That said, their town
centre location and close proximity to public transport, retail and other amenities would make them highly suitable for many single adults or couples looking to
benefit from such a central location and proximity to services without the need to maintain garden ground.

So, not 12 families then!

Blunderbuss said...

You can tell he's a LibDem.

No vision, no principles, and will endorse anything which might get a bit of short-term popular support.

He can't even get the facts right. There will be 16 flats, not 12, and they are specifically not for families because they are small affordable apartments.

Graisg said...

Yes, forgot all about that, there was a change. No shop at the bottom now so another 4 flats.

Jane Harkiss said...

And only a stone's throw from 'Bermuda Triangle' too. Purrfect...

By the way, what exactly is a Vodka Jellie? P XX