Sunday, January 13, 2013

The importance of improved access at Firhall Bridge for future path networks in South Nairn and beyond.

First a note for local planning students. Here at Gurn HQ we have been browsing a document which will go before the Planning, Environment and Development committee in Inverness on Wednesday. The document is a draft strategic masterplan forphases 1 & 2 of Nairn South. Students of South Nairn matters may wish to browse this document and the recommendations and details prefacing it from Council officials. Here is one little gem:from the prefacing spiel, the fifth item on the list from 2.2 The main issues that were highlighted and agreed were: and that item is “that a maximum of 320 houses could be built as supported by existing traffic impact assessment”.

Plenty there to digest then.  Back to the Firhall Bridge and now we wish to refer to a map on page 8 of the draft masterplan. The map shows the network of paths proposed across South Nairn. The rights of way along the bottom and side of Firhall would be improved and there would one day be a path further along that side of the river. There would be paths across the new developments. This would give all the folk living in the present western suburbs the opportunity to cross the railway via a new bridge and walk down to the river through South Nairn and the rights of way. Firhall Bridge wouldn’t simply be one end of a circular walk it would be a pivotal junction in a large network of paths. You could come from South Nairn or the other side of the railway and head for Cawdor or in the direction of other improved paths on that bank of the river. An investment in a ramp now would make much of this accessible to the maximum number of existing and future residents of the town in the next few years, should building start at South Nairn.  Have a look on page 8 of the Council document here to see the map that shows proposed and existing paths and roads in the area. 

NB earlier this week we posted a press release from Charles Allenby's agents listing his concerns about the South Nairn draft masterplan. Many Gurnshire students of planning matters have already digested it but if you haven't seen it yet here it is

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Perhaps the developer would like to pay for the bridge improvements as an early goodwill gesture?