Monday, January 28, 2013

Firhall Bridge - depends who you speak to at the Council?

Last week the P&J were speaking to Murd about his Firhall Bridge campaign again and, subsequently, an article appeared in the paper. Murd is perplexed by the following sentence that appeared however: "The Council claims the bridge cannot be made accessible to all without being demolished and rebuilt." Murd had thought that the point that a ramp can be added to the existing structure had permeated to all levels of the Council. Liz seems to be well aware of this now, this is what she said last Wednesday night at the Community Councils meeting:
"I think one of the issues that was raised was that they were wanting a whole new bridge but I was saying that was not what we need. We just need to make the bridge more accessible and that has been taken on board by officers and I thank you for bringing in up again Murd."

It seems certain that the bridge will be included in a list of core path improvements when developer contributions from construction materialise. Either someone in the Councils is not up to speed yet or the P&J were using old information. 

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MURD said...

A copy from the P.&J letter
I got the information about the bridge having to be demolished from a spokeswoman in the council’s press department. I assume she got it from the transport department so it might be worth getting in touch with them?
[MURD]But this is typical how things are done one glowing example I provided a written estimate for the removal of the redundant pipe. received e-mail stating £2.000 was to be spent from one department. but another department spent almost£5.000 and the job is still not complet that is how our money is spent of should I say wasted