Friday, January 10, 2014

A new cemetery for Nairn by the end of the autumn

At the River Community Council meeting on Wednesday night Fred Holmes asked Liz if there was any progress on the proposed new cemetery at Granny Barbour's Road

Liz replied: “They’re negotiating going ahead to buy that bit of land and I think we’re hopeful they’ll be finished by April and we’ll vote for it and the work will be starting in the summer and it’ll be finished before the end of autumn. 


Gamqwam The Magician said...

which field are they after? the one right next to the river path?

Graisg said...

No on the right after you climb the first bit of the brae on Granny Barbour's Road.

Miow said...

och that'll be dead handy as you can get your pet cremated at the same time