Friday, January 31, 2014

Westies and Subbies teaming up - short statement from Rosemary Young chair of Nairn West CC

Rosemary indicates that the decision to hold joint meetings with Suburban CC was partially due to the demands of attending quite a few meetings in the year. In addition to each individual monthly meeting the town's three Community Councils meet on occasion and also Nairnshire's eight CCs. Here's what Rosemary told the Gurn:

"Following on the announcement we made last autumn we would be having so many three cc meetings and so many 8 cc meetings and that Nairn West would occasionally have a joint with Suburban in a month when there was a three which is February.  I said it would be a pilot and we would see where it would go but during the winter with so many people away it seemed right and sensible to team up....." 

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The Jacobite said...

Will we see more from the Better Together campaign in Nairn?
Or will River go for and keep there independence.