Friday, January 31, 2014

Saving money on your energy bills - more from Nairn CAB

The CAB had their Big Energy Saving Week stall at Sainsbury's again today. Apparently the average saving by switching tariffs can be £200. One woman who had previously sought advice from the CAB texted the staff at the stall to say she had saved £117. More details of how you could save money on the Nairn CAB site. 

Pictures of a visit of Danny Alexander to the CAB stall here. And below a recording of what Danny had to say to the Gurn about the CAB's initiative below.


End fuel poverty said...

Once again we have the spectre of Danny Alexander happily lifting a photo opportunity whilst attending an event run by an organisation that has to deal with the fall out from his role as Chief Secretary to the Treasury, namely poverty. The last time I noticed Danny in the local media was when he presented himself grinning at a food bank in Inverness, clearly very proud

The Citizens Advice Bureau carry out an amazing job in the UK, and I’m sure many folk are grateful for their operation in Nairn, and indeed their stall at Sainsbury’s highlighting energy costs

But whilst Danny can scuttle away with information as to how to check his energy tariffs in his offices at Inverness, there are many thousands of people who have no such choice as they are on pre paid meters for their energy, the most expensive way there is to buy heat and light. The great majority of these people are the poorest in our society and I’m sure would greatly appreciate some real help with their energy costs, but this is not to be

Whilst it’s true that some of us can shop around for cheaper tariffs via the internet this only underlines the cartel which the big energy companies operate, but is one that this Westminster government seems unwilling to address other than by the likes of Mr. Alexander jumping on the chance to highlight a local initiative

I very much hope that the CAB operation in Nairn has saved some people money, but unfortunately it doesn’t address the worst broblem, that of fuel poverty especially in the Highlands and Islands where rightly Danny mentioned the fact that it’s often colder than other areas of Britain.

So, too bad if you’re on a pre payment meter, and good luck to chopping and changing your tariff with the energy giants. The only fact we know for sure is that Danny’s office in Inverness will remain nice and warm no matter how much energy costs. Maybe if you're cold you should go and pay him a visit

YES said...

I find it disgusting that a politician such as Danny Alexander has the nerve to stand alongside CAB staff. His government has inflicted so much misery against people who don't have much money and are probably the main users of CAB through his actions
This is the victor looking at his spoils, I hope he feels proud
Another reason as to why we need to vote Yes this year to rid Scotland of Westminster governments

Anonymous said...

Vote yes for an independent Scotland and then you'll really save money. We pay more taxes than we get back and that's just for starters

Let's stop giving our money to Westminster and make real changes in our society

How long before we'd see Danny back as an MSP, I'm sure he'll jump at the chance