Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Residents urged to lobby Fergus Ewing MSP this Friday (24th) over threat to Delnies Wood from potential bypass routes

Moss-side resident Iain Gordon is urging all those that enjoy the amenity of the Delnies Woods to lobby Fergus Ewing when he makes a site visit to the popular recreational spot this Friday (January 24th). In a leaflet he has produced, Iain Gordon states:

“Fergus Ewing MSP has raised questions with the Transport Minister and the department officials as to why
the previous consultations, which were carried out at considerable public expense and had reached a democratic conclusion, are apparently being side-lined. He is also making a site visit to Delnies Wood on Friday 24th January prior to a Constituency surgery to assess for himself the potential impact.”

Iain is urging those of a similar mind to himself to attend the site visit, he is also urging others to let Transport Scotland know their views before the deadline of the 31st of January. Iain gives his contact details and further information in his leaftlet – a copy of which is available here. 


Fred Nimby said...

Surely as there's going to be so many NIMBY type protests with regard to the proposed bypass routes would it not be better to start a 'No Nairn Bypass' campaign?

No doubt this would cause a wail of protest saying 'on no we want a bypass, just not in my back garden, wood, field, vicinity, etc'

Anonymous said...

Never ming building a bypass just ask Fergus to get rid of the traffic lights, that would have traffic flowing through Nairn again

Probably too complex a suggestion for people to understand though

Anonymous said...

Aye, lets see how Mr Ewing likes squidging aboot in the dog mess that is Delnies woods. Guess the muts will miss it if it becomes a dual carriageway

Anonymous said...

cut the trees doon
get the bypass built
too many tree huggers around,its traffic movement we need