Saturday, January 11, 2014

Very busy at the Wedding Exhibition in the Community Centre

At the time of posting (2.p.m) the Wedding Exhibition in the Nairn Community and Arts Centre has another two hours to run and there is a fashion show and live music still to take place. Most of the downstairs areas of the centre were full of local businesses exhibiting their wedding services. Visually there were an amazing variety of beautifully made objects to see and many people had travelled from further afield to be at the event. The organisers were not asking where people were coming from but they said one party had come down from Lairg today to attend the event. Two images from the centre below and more later will be posted on the Gurn flickr pages. 


standing room only said...

'Very busy' ? Jings not according to your photos

Appearances can be deceptive said...

standing room only, you can't judge something from a snapshot of an instant in time.