Saturday, January 18, 2014

Scotland’s Referendum - Series of Public Meetings to be hosted in Nairn.

The first of a series of public meetings entitled “Scotland’s Future” will be held in Nairn on Wednesday 22nd January at 8pm in the local Community and Arts Centre.

The Guest Speaker will be Councillor Richard Laird from Inverness who will introduce the Scottish Government’s white paper which was launched by the First Minister in November. Richard’s presentation will be followed by an opportunity for questions from the audience, discussion and debate.

Councillor Laird said “I am really looking forward to speaking with a Nairn audience on the 22nd and welcome all those who are undecided to come along and hear how Scotland can and will become a better and a fairer country following a YES vote in September. It is the people who live here in Scotland who have the greatest stake in making Scotland a success.”

Local Nairn Councillor Colin Macaulay said “Whilst canvassing last year we were asked to provide more information to help people make an informed choice about Scotland’s future. So through the coming months, we shall provide a number of opportunities for people to hear more about the next steps in Scotland’s journey towards self-determination. These public meetings will be open to all – those who support any or no particular political party. We shall have speakers from the SNP, and also from the Greens and the Socialists – as well as from those who may have left Unionist parties and who are now clear that the decisions that affect Scotland are best taken by the people who live here in Scotland.”

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