Monday, January 27, 2014

Former Highland Council area manager for Nairn is chosen to be high heid yin of new department

The Highland Council has appointed a Director of a new Service to be created from 1 April as a key part of the new Service management structure of the Council.

William Gilfillan, the Council’s Corporate Manager, will be Director of Community Services.  

The new Service is responsible for housing, roads and winter maintenance, waste management, building and grounds maintenance, public and school transport, harbours, street lighting and emergency planning.

Mr Gilfillan, who is married with two sons, joined The Highland Council in 2000.

His first job was based at Alness where he had responsibility for the development of the new community school. He was then appointed as Customer Services Manager with responsibility for the Service Point network and then Area Manager for Nairn and Badenoch and Strathspey before becoming Corporate Manager.

He said: “I am delighted to have been appointed to this important new position. My first priority will be to shape the new Service to ensure it delivers a wide range of frontline services in a more integrated way and in a manner more responsive to customer needs.”

The Council has agreed to move from 7 to 5 directorates, achieving savings of £350,000 per year and delivering more customer-focused services. The 5 Directorates will be:

Care and Learning
Corporate Development  
Development and Infrastructure  
Community Services
The changes will be implemented in two phases. All but Care and Learning will be established by 1 April.  Care and Learning will be established in the late summer.

One of our local politicians has congratulated William on twitter: 


Quackers said...

No doubt he will receive a high heid yin salary to go with the new job

Anonymous said...

According to the Strathspey & Badenoch Herald Mr Gilfillan is "..delighted to have been appointed to this important new position. ..."
I think I would be also if I had just had a £30k+ pay rise as, the S&B Herald continues, "Mr William Gilfillan has been promoted to the new £106,503 job as the authority’s director of community services from April 1. He was previously a corporate manager on a pay band of £66,758 to £73,000."

Anonymous said...

When so many people are struggling to pay their council tax it is obscene that anyone working for the council should get over a hundred thousand pounds.

Anonymous said...

there should be a cap on wages,say £40,000,and anyone that cant live on that for a year needs a severe boot