Friday, January 31, 2014

Will we see more from the Better Together campaign in Nairn soon? The Gurn talks to Danny Alexander

Click the red button to see what Danny had to say.


Anonymous said...

I was initially sceptical about pressing the play button but I was glad I did.
The Lib Dem MP obviously pressed his case for 'better together', however the point I wish to highlight is about the use of the 'Pound' from the cash machine. It seems to me that we have an MP with a key role in the UK Treasury stating that he is keen on the Pound continuing to be used in Scottish cash machines. I believe that is what the SNP is proposing. So does this mean no argument/debate and therefore we can expect Danny Alexander to work hard to make it happen whatever the outcome in September.
[Note - Republic of Ireland used the (Irish) Pound before joining the Euro]. It seems there is no argument we just need to find a solution whatever the outcome on <18 September 2014.

Anonymous said...

Danny has promised us many things, wasn't there going to be a Lib Dem Nairn bypass a few years back?

Party has lost it's Nairn presence since oor Graham moved to England