Thursday, January 16, 2014

"Nairn when you were a Bairn" group discuss the state of the Rosebank Church

Interesting debate continuing on Facebook today as the Bairnites analyse the current state of the building and what, if anything, can be done about it. One comment reads:

"It is ultimately down to the people of Nairn - those who elect their Council representatives to make things happen -as they have done effectively with many other ventures in the past- from the railway to the allotments.....No one else is going to fix things for us......There are plenty of channels to do so - particularly NICE who were set up as a community led trust - ie run by the members who own it - ie local people ( I understand that more than 1000 plus locals signed up so many of you who live in Nairn must be among them-its an open organisation so if you haven't got involved maybe you should as it has a structure established which could bring in millions of funding which NWYWAB does not, so we should try to support it - and for info non resident locals ( like me) can join as associate members ) However nothing will happen unless we put pressure on for it to happen.... The reality is that in these times with limited public funds around folks have to work with the local authorities to be effective, sitting at home slagging them off doesn't get anywhere.."

Members of the group are also offering their condolences to the MacArthur family and leaving tributes to Ex Provost and local businessman Sammy MacArthur who sadly is no longer with us. 


Anonymous said...

There was a time where people elected councillors to do their best to put ideas of the public into action to preserve valuable interests in the community. There was also a time when local councillors wanted to do their best most importantly to help the community, when initially standing in the first place. Nowadays some people I'm sure wouldn't mind helping if it's fair, but why is it put across to the public that they have to do a lot of the work required to reach results rather than the representatives who are getting paid for doing it.? It's time the generation of pass it onto someone else responsibility stopped, and the authorities responsible for making it possible to reach the achievable outcome, actually did what they are supposed too within a reasonable time scaled action plan instead of 10-15 years or more down the line, and still debating. (is this too difficult to achieve nowadays?)

Anonymous said...

it took 20 years to get the bus station fiasco sorted out