Sunday, January 12, 2014

Local YES campaign announces public meeting on 1st of February

It looks very much like the local YES campaign are stepping up a gear in this referendum year. For the sake of balance are there any local NO folk with any meetings planned in the near future?
Update: Richard Laird tells the Gurn that there is also another meeting on weds 22nd Jan in the Community centre at 20.00.


Anonymous said...

No need to have no meetings, we're gonna win by a huge majority

moanranger said...

From what I am seeing the NO campaign is quite comfortable with its position, and the YES campaign seem to be busy convincing themselves.

Ultimately the NO's don't have to run a long winded propaganda show as we already know what they stand for - the status quo. Nothing much will change. The onus is on the YES's to convince us we will be better of alone.

To this fence sitter, they still have a long way to go!

Anonymous said...

Anything's possible Anon (7.30pm) but I only hope it proves positive to Scotland if the answer is yes, and that we don't end up being in a worse position than what's being considered at the moment.

Anonymous said...

"Nothing much will change"

ha,ha, the Osborne knife will go in after a no vote

The only ways yes said...

Voting no means you are voting yes for the likes of David Cameron. £2B in welfare cuts will soon be unleashed upon Scotland

Voting no will support the status quo, but it's one that is sinking and will see us all much poorer

Anonymous said...

The problem is if your only source of information with regard Scottish Independence is mainstream media then you will probably be persuaded to vote no. Why do we have this situation? Most if not all the owners of such media reside or have businesses in England and it's in their interests for Scotland to remain part of the UK, in simple terms we give more money to the central pot in Westminster than we get to spend

If you take the time to research the Independence question I think you'd be surprised, as the more you look into it the more you will support the Yes vote.

Leave yourself blinded by the hate and the fear of the media and you'll sadly be won over by the no vote. This is what Westminster wants, and how often do you fully agree with David Cameron and the Tories?

Educate yourself before September 18th, and let's have a free Scotland

Anonymous said...

The major problem with YES is they are pedding a lie that we will be voting for some sort of Utopia, I would respect and listen to them more if they came straight out and say.
."things might he tough for a while, nut in the long term it will be worth it"

Either way it will be the end of using Westminster as ascape goat for all scotlands problems. They will still be there. Benefit dependency, crime, drugs, social Inequality,
unemployment will not just disappear.

Also reading the above comments, I find it strange that pro independence supporters accuse the better together campaign peddling fear and negativity.

Graisg said...

@ Yes we can - do you have a source for the Alastair Darling quote please?

Anonymous said...

It looks increasingly likely that the Tories (maybe in a coalition with UKIP) will at the very least hold a referendum on EU membership and that there is a strong movement in England for the UK to end our partnership with Europe

This would be very detrimental to Scotland, and one important aspect of Scottish Independence would be to move us away from Westminster politics forever. Post Independence we might well see Scottish versions of the current main parties forming, but these would be shaped accordingly and we would continue to have a Scottish Parliament that supported proportional representation. Ironically it's the Liberal Democrats who are in power with the Tories at Westminster who have campaigned for so long to gain PR; it must hurt many of them to be so anti an Independent country that offers the type of parliamentary representation that they can only dream about, and but for this coalition we face more years of a two party system in Westminster should Scotland not gain Independence

I'm an ex liberal Democrat supporter who hopes to vote for the party again in an Independent Scotland

Anonymous said...

I will never vote YES as long as SNP want to stay in Europe does not spell independence to me, just someone worse than Westminster telling us what we can and cannot do!

Anonymous said...

If we vote "NO" - what will be "the same"?
*If we vote "NO", Scotland will become proportionately older and poorer.
*If we vote "NO", Scotland will lose any "advantage" from the Barnett formula. Almost all English and Welsh MPs want even more of Scotland's resources. Just ask Boris!
If we vote "NO", Scotland will lose powers back to Westminster. See what Labour's Ian Davidson MP says!
If we vote "NO", Scotland will become even less like the Scandinavian-type social democratic society that most of the electorate want.
The only way to guarantee that Scotland gets the kind of government it actually wants - is to vote "YES".

Anonymous said...

@Anon 12:59

But you're happy for the Westminster government to tell us what to do?

EU brings many advantages to Scotland, please tell me what we'd gain by not being a member state

Anonymous said...

We could get rid of all the European Union stupid rules and advantage. We should be able to do what we think is best, not be told what to do by them, think of the money we could save on MEP s wages alone. Maybe not that much but then I am anti EU.
UKIP will get a lot of votes next election ,I don t agree with all their ideas, but some I wholeheartedly do.
Get out of Europe then out of UK.
It would have to be in that order because Alex Salmond would never give up all the silly perks we get from them . Better to be proud than begging for scraps from others!

Anonymous said...

I actually find the first minister to be back peddling on a lot of issues but not being pro-independence voter, I’m not blinded by this fact and it does make me chuckle.

I do however have a gripe about people in Scotland blaming the Tories, err let’s not forget who was in control for over a decade! IMHO, I would advise people to look further away from who is in power because they come and they go but once independence is gained that’s it, so voting YES just because of whom is PM at the moment is not really constructive in the decades to follow.

Some businesses will move south if Scotland gets independence with the loss of jobs here in the Highlands. This is due to economic impact and further expenses accrued for United Kingdom based companies.

We could be more like Scandinavia but Scotland is nowhere near like, the likes of Norway. Never has been and never will be, completely and utterly different. For one, Norway looks after it’s fish stocks and fishes sustainably but of course that’s the British governments fault here in Scotland…hold on, no it’s not, quotas are set from Brussels etc etc etc