Thursday, January 23, 2014

Councillor Richard Laird: "I think Nairn should have its County Council back"

Speaking last night at the YES Nairnshire meeting on Scotland's Future, Richard Laird (the newly promoted depute leader of the SNP group on Highland Council) gave the meeting an explanation of his personal motivation in campaigning for a YES vote in September. He outlined a number of things he thought could be improved in an independent Scotland. You can hear his speech in its entirety in the video shown in this Gurn post.  Many Gurnites, be they YES, NO or UNDECIDED will perhaps be interested in what he had to say about local government:

"The final point we could do is completely re-examine local government because I don't think the local government we have is what is in Scotland's best interests. I don't think that the monolithic Highland Council is in the best interests of most Highland communities and how it should work. I happen to believe it should be broken up. I happen to believe that Inverness should have a City Council and Nairn should have its County Council back."


Anonymous said...

But we don't need an independent Scotland to give power back to local communities. In fact, I think it would be less likely as the power and influence of Highland Council in an independent Scotland would be far too great to be surrendered.

somethings going to change said...

We've waited too long for change to come about in Scotland, and it's sure not going to happen unless we do vote for independence, or do we want another 300 years or more of Westminster rule and a distinct lack of democracy?

As Richard says in his speech as recorded by the Gurn we have a Tory government but just one Tory MP in Scotland, and in recent years we've seen Scotland vote overwhelmingly for Labour but seen a Tory government in power in Westminster. It's just not fair and I for one would like that to change

Come Awa The County said...

At one time Nairn did have TWO Councils.A Town Council and a County Council.

Brian Turner said...

Obviously SNP politicians are going to blame all the incompetence and failings of the SNP-run Highland Council under a SNP-run Scottish Government on anyone other than themselves.

deaf meatal said...

@Brian Turner

I think if you took the time to actually listen to what Richard Laird had to say in his recent speech Brian (see earlier post in the Gurn) you would find that he's not blaming anyone, far from it. What he is asking for is change, one that can be won through an independent Scotland.
It's easy to dismiss all politicians these days with a cursory comment or remark, but I think that no matter what your political puersassion you'd be impressed by what Richard had to say. I predict he will go far in politics

Anonymous said...

That sounds a good idea to get the NAIRN county council back.

Brian Turner said...

@ deaf meatal

I would be more impressed instead if the Highland Council's leadership were seen to address it's own failings. So far all the SNP have done for Nairn is take away our local services, mismanage planning application after planning application, and give us all those extra traffic lights.

Yes said...

@Brian Turner

Yes it's good to put the boot in. Unfortunately the SNP have only been in charge (coalition) of Highland Council since May 2012, and many of the failings that you cite are a legacy of previous administrations, but it's good to blame someone you don't like

For many people the SNP is a ticket to Independence after which the political landscape of Scotland will change radically and who knows as to what party might be in charge of HC? One thing is for sure, Scotland will be a better place