Thursday, January 16, 2014

Rosebank Church - correspondence between Nairn West Community Council and Highland Council

Bairnites and those Gurnites not on Facebook may find the copies (linked below) of correspondence on the topic of Rosebank Church between the Westies and Glenurquhart Road interesting. The correspondence came after Cllr Colin MacAulay reported back to West CC on issues they had raised with him about the building. That was in July last year. The Westies maintained an interest and, if anything, grew more concerned. They eventually wrote to the Highland Council's heritage officials. Below are links to copies of the documents arising from that correspondence. The Gurn understands that the correspondence is still ongoing and this observer would imagine that further details will come into the public domain via West Community Council's regular series of public meetings.

Letter from Nairn West CC to Highland Council  23 Oct 2013
Reply from Highland Council to Nairn West CC  27 Nov 2013
Reply from Nairn West CC to Highland Council  30 Nov 2013
Reply from Highland Council to Nairn West CC  20th Dec 2013


Anonymous said...

A very interesting read, and clearly the authorities have some loop holes that need fixing, that will enable a process of this kind to run more efficiently with better outcomes. Well done to those involved for submitting letters to the authorities on behalf of the community, which is clear and straight to the point, yet for some reason proves a bit baffling for the Authorities in position, to answer them direct in the first instance.

NGP67 said...

As the church lies within the boundary of the River Community Council, are the westies not treading on another councils toes?

It is good that they are taking an interest in the matter, but were the River Council aware of it?

FFS said...

What difference does it make? That's why there should be a single cc for Nairn, then you wouldn't have this type of comment, but until then all the community councils have a vested interest on what goes on in Nairn/Nairnshire.

boundary marker said...

@NGP67 12:00pm.

Get over it, NGP67!

As most people in Nairn are now well aware, the three Community Councils co-operate closely together on matters which affect the whole town. I am sure the community councillors are in regular contact. They have periodic joint meetings. As the collective local response to the Nairn South development plans showed, all three Community Councils can and do work together in the interests of the community.

Rosebank Church is just another of the many problems in Nairn that matters to everyone in the town. We should be pleased that it is being pursued, not fussing about who-does-what-inside-which-boundary.

ngp67 said...

I quite agree there should be one single cc, but it will never happen due the many ego's involved.

Boundary marker, if either the River or Suburban councils were to deal with a matter in the west Boundary, there would be blue bloody murder amongst all the toffs, so you dry your eyes son!